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>> "media buzz" is next right here on fox news channel. >> on the buzz beater, joe biden starts dropping hints no matter what hillary clinton does and get as warm welcome from the media. >> can i kiss the vice president? >> i would love that. >> is there enough skepticism of biden who will be 74 and is it fair to pundits to point out that hillary clinton will turn 69 in stephen colbert makes fun of me. >> a it is rude to talk about a woman's age but i am talking about people talking about other people talking about other people talking about a woman's
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age. that is called journalism. >> nice try. i will respond to the lie people by the fake anchor. >> piers morgan is blaming the movie parts on his crusade for gun control and the latest of the military covering the military showdown between russia and ukraine. this is "media buzz," and i am howard kurtz. >> we will get to the situation in ukraine in a few moments. the vice president of the united states hits the television circuit and the inevitable 2016 were asked. >> you are open talking about 2016 and considering what you are doing. where are you in the thought process? >> i was going to make a major announcement tonight but i
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decided tonight's your night. >> thank you. >> then off to "the view," where he had fun with soon-to-be retired barbara walters. >> i did not expect you to announce you are going to run for president. i won't object if you want. do you want to? >> i tell you what, i will make you deal, if you stick around i will announce my decision with you. >> from hillary clinton does not run will -- you have said if she runs you will not run. >> no, no, no, i haven't said that. >> how is the media cover this? >> we have fox news contributor and author of the top twitter top column, and the author of "the blaze," and danaamilbank. >> he is not going to run if
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hillary clinton runs. this could be his last campaign, 2014. he needs to be part of it. >> why are the media buying into it? >> we all know better. we all know that the people who seem like they are campaigning are the ones would probably aren't campaigning. the ones who aren't campaigning, may be the ones who will be cam plaining. >> let me write that down. >> right, 2016. >> and the white house banished we biten -- banished biden from national media shows. >> do democrats get tough questions on "the view," it is a cozy little couch. he is vice president of the united states. he did get criticism, however, for pandering to women on "view." i didn't agree with that criticism. we know that the vice president has the folksy way of
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ingratiating himself. it is like a old uncle joe and he gets a pass. >> when biden misspeaks as he does occasionally, the media mostly yawn when he said the c.b.o. predicted medicare would cost 2,000 jobs not two million in lost hours. >> a few zeros, he is getting on in year. can we talk about a man's able? >> i was kidding. look, we are in the stage now when we don't want in the media, we don't want hillary clinton to run away with the nomination and we need to build up challengers. why think people that biden (a) will run or (b) will be viable. we have to make it interesting. this is when we build up the candidates. if he is built up we knock him down. >> i am stunned you suggest we are artificially injecting suspension. >> the media is manipulating? >> imagine that.
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>> and talk about a woman's age i did a story about those raised by pundits on the age of hillary clinton, stephen colbert took me on. >> fox uncovered a bombshell of a lifetime. >> howard kurtz looks at the controversial question of how old is too old? >> the age question is growing louder raised by former candidate and now fox news host mike huckabee. >> look, it will be a challenge for her. >> if hillary clinton is the candidate shell town 69 before the election. >> fox news is ready to project that in the 2016 presidential election hillary clinton will be two years older. >> 69! that is ooooold. old-old. >> listen, i asked whether it was fair for commentators to harp on the age that was too
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nuanced for your view. and you mention ronald reagan being 69 when he took office, i played clips. what about the fact i was quoting charlie cook? >> even fake anchors should have standards. you were not even truthy. if you want to invite me on the show to talk about it... >> he took me on. he showed my picture. now, let's take on the issue, charlie cook writes in the national journal, is hillary clinton too old to run noting she will be 73 at the end of first term and at the end of the second, 77. >> big deal. she is a potential candidate for candidate. >> potentially. >> it doesn't matter. everyone knows her age. it should be talked about as should her record in benghazi as should her time as the first lady, as should be her time with
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whitewater. it is all part of the narrative. >> no, it is not sexist. similar questions were raised about ronald reagan and john mccain and joe biden so it irtus to the age question. >> and bob dole. >> also, interestingly in the proceed vile of the vice president one of his inner circle raised the question of hillary clinton's health. this is coming from the democratic side of the ledger. >> i disagree. you made a rookie mistake and you get older you will have to learn from experience and not make that mistake. >> i will try to bring a young person's dedication. >> and that may not be you. >> you mentioned hillary clinton's health. we have if reason to believe that she is having any health problems, she obviously had the concussion a year ago. i see a banner headlines, is she
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sick linking to a story that says whispers persist she will not run, health could be worse than disclosed citing rulers and supermarket inquiries. >> anyone who doesn't like hillary clinton will do whatever they can to make their case. this is a case in point. >> some on the right have been convincing themselves that hillary clinton is there for a run. >> if you don't know anything about whether she is ill or has health issues you do not report it but the hillary clinton camp has been cagey about the health issues and when she was in the prompt trying to explain this and as i mentioned, joe biden's camp has raised the health questions. it is a legitimate question if there is something there but we don't know. the national inquirer was right about ye mengyuan and -- about
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john edwards and o.j. >> they have been right about a last things but not her brain cancer. a spokesman said caring of you to ask she is 100 percent. >> and the flap about the first release of thousands of pages of from the presidential library. there are all kinds of advice to >>governor huckabee: of the media going back to the 1990s, don't be defensive, seem real, make her look like she is not in a bunker mentality, she has an aversion to national media. >> the news she consider going on home improvement could be devastating. it is silly. thousands of pages of documents come out and everyone is hoping to find the needle in the haystack. they did not come up with anything. this is stuff that happened 20 years ago, we know that is how she was then. >> i would argue that the notes of blair that came out although
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they have been sitting in the arrest kinds at university of arkansas where she said the press has big egos and more brains is more important than what her advisors are saying she should do. >> which part is not true? >> what is fascinating how the press glommed on to the story of how hillary clinton thinks of the press, like these stories are really about hillary clinton and the press. >> this makes hillary clinton look old. she has been around for a long, long time. she has been through many different campaigns. a social media guru said big isn't big anymore. fur a candidate who has all of this experience you probably are not going to hit it with the internet able.
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>> the idea that politicians get advise on how to deal with press is like what politician doesn't? everyone wants to seem real. >> in 2008 she was aware of the national media and cautious and she will have to deal with that if she runs. another topic i want to squeeze in, bill o'reilly went to the white house in support of the initiative by the president called my brother's keeper to help young black or young minority men dealing with the family of dysfunctional families, an odd couldn't, right, even the president said, o'reilly and al sharpton are in the same room. the lion can lay down with the lamb. who is who? this goes back to the president obama who burst on the national stage of 2004 who appeals to both sides of the aisle. >> talk about o'reilly's
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involvement. >> fox is not the president's favorite network. at the love people who be surprised. >> it is mutually beneficial relationship it standing o'reilly's profile and a few weeks after a hostile interview he did of the president and --. >> hostile or contentious? >> i will give you contentious, fine, but not pleasant for the president and he has o'reilly to the white house and they are saying, i think, we are grown ups and playing our roles in the interview and now we find a common cause. >> didn't you get in a little trouble? >> i was called a weasel beneath contempt. >> o'reilly took a risk because a lot of the fox news audience does not like president obama and he is willing to stay i will work with him on this issue and people could say this is a do-gooder big government sticking its nose where it
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doesn't belong but it was interesting o'reilly was there. >> we will get a break. send me a tweet about this shower and maybe yours will get on the air. when we come back, the media scramble to cover russia's mimt march into ukraine and president obama's response. later, how piers morgan talked himself out of a job. here in philadelphia you can access a philly cheesesteak anytime, day or night. just like you can access geico anytime, day or night. there is only one way to celebrate this unique similarity. witness the cheesesteak shuffle.
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thousand oefs russian troops
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in the crimea section of ukraine. the "new york times" and cnn have a lot of -- are built for this international story. msnbc showed once again it's not really a news channel. it's been in taped programming much of the weekend. overall, there are few journalistic boots on the ground. i think the situation is murky and that makes it hard to cover. >> it is hard to cover unless you're covering it through social media. but i think this is going to be one of the biggest tests of president obama's career as president. and that the coverage that we're seeing is not as big as maybe arab spring and maybe because it broke on a saturday. yesterday was the day and there weren't a lot of people in the news room. i think you'll see a lot more on monday. but i also think our appetite for international news has not, as an american people, always been as strong. >> that is certainly true because the situation with the coup or the toppling of the prime minister in ukraine
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certainly has been brewing for some time now. and it's been covered, but it hasn't been a dominating story. now, the white house put out this photo. we could put it up on the screen as president obama having what was described as a 90-minute phone call with vladimir putin, part of his effort to show he's on the job. but i wonder, amy, whether you think the way the media have gone to the default position, that this is either obama being strong or obama being weak, let's debate barack obama rather than keeping the focus on a dicey, military situation in ukraine. >> i think the media has been chewing gum and walking at the same time and giving a lot of in-depth, specific information about the crisis. now that vladimir putin has stepped in. when it was the ukraine, sort of civil unrest, we saw spotty coverage. but now that vladimir putin, the big russian bear, has rolled in his military, i think the media is framing this in the context of president obama, his response, whether it will be muscular or weak and dana
2:19 pm
millburn's paper has been pretty tough on the president saying we neat the rhetoric to hit the road on this, mr. president. this comes in the context of the president bumbling syria. it's a test of the president's leadership. >> the white house sent john kerry to meet the media this morning. he said russia might be kicked out of the g-8 alliance, we're going to try and isolate russia. lindsay graham on cnn was very critical of president obama. i just wonder, given that there are to be really honest about it limited military options for the u.s., just as when russia went into georgia during the bush presidency, whether it's just too easy for the pundits to say, well, let's grade president obama on how he's doing. >> yeah. i think we're in the stage now where everybody is sitting back and watching what the president is doing so they know how to criticize him. do they criticize him for talking too tough or not talking
2:20 pm
tough enough? do they criticize him for not taking action or taking action to distract from obamacare? there's going to be -- or from benghazi or whatever it is. there's going to be criticism even though we all pretty much accept that there's not a whole lot that the united states can do here. >> certainly, there will be critics that -- >> i'm not saying there shouldn't be criticism, but i think that criticism should be -- like with what does the other side want to do? >> but that's not the only option on the table. that's not the only options that conservatives are talking about. they're talking about economic sanction owes russia, on russian elite, giving -- >> only conservatives are talking about that? >> and the washington post and the "new york times" and other places. so it's a false choice to say send in the military or do nothing. and i think the press is doing a good job of fleshing out what some of those other issues are. >> i think this case is going to be a textbook place because a lot of the battle is being fought on social media. euro maiden is putting out some very graphic pictures here.
2:21 pm
>> take a second to explain what that is. >> euro maiden is the term for the war that's happening or the war that's about to happen. >> right. but these people are ukrainians who support the interim government or are happy that the previous president was toppled. >> that's true. >> and, of course, want russia to stay out. >> and they're saying beaten activist, force to yield and they're getting beaten between. you're seeing some people who show the olympic mascots on the tank. and you're seeing it played out and you're also seeing the russian administration using it to say what they're doing and why they're doing it. and it's very much like arab springs. >> the more journalists need to go into this war zone so we have a better picture of -- >> sure, because that's providing you raw material, but you don't know necessarily what is real and what's not and what it says. you need to get more people in there. i'm not saying i'm raising my hand, but this is the type of job people need to do. >> dana millbank, amy holmes,
2:22 pm
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piers morgan was always odd on cnn, a celebrity interviewer who became a gun control crusader, sometimes treating his guests as morons. >> you are talking -- >> at the point of the crime and not wait for -- >> i honestly don't understand why you would rather have people be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. it's incomprehensible. >> you're an unbelievably stupid man, aren't you? >> and this week piers's show got the ax. joining us now from new york
2:26 pm
marissa guthrie and joe concha. let's try not to have an unbelievably stupid conversation. piers morgan telling the "new york times" that a big part of the reason his show was canceled by cnn was because of his crusade on the issue of gun control. is that true? >> no, i don't think his problems started when he started banging on, as he would say, about gun control. i think for piers the show was all about him and not his guests. you have to sort of make that subtle distinction where the show is actually about what the guest is saying. and it was all about piers, it was about his enthusiasm, his opinions, his british accent, and i think ultimately viewers just didn't cop to that. >> certainly it didn't help that this was a british guy lecturing americans about their loss. >> absolutely. we had a british guy, as you said, pontificating about american culture, politics and gun control. by his own admission in his exit interview, so to speak, he said
2:27 pm
you know what? i probably alienated many potential view erts, but i think jeff zucker looked at the lineup and said my clean up hitter is batting under .200 and he's triking out a lot. numbers led to this decision that it was time to let piers go. he was getting beaten by this network and rachel maddow, as well. >> let's not lose sight of the undisputed fact that the ratings were not doing well and were sinking. but marissa, coming back to the question of personality, when you're on the air in prime time every night, your on personality is why people tune in or click away. his on-air persona, not exactly warm and cuddly. >> no. and i think that he was thinking that, you happen, everybody on cnn has become more opinionated. i think that that is something that jeff is promoting. but i think that with piers -- >> jeff zucker. >> jeff zucker, the president of
2:28 pm
cnn now. but with piers, it was too much. the cnn audience is difference than the fox audience and is different than the msnbc audience. i think people would watch cnn tend to be more on the liberal side. they probably agreed with his stance on gun control, but didn't like how he was stating his message. >> stick with that point for a minute. do you think it was a good or a questionable thing for cnn's brand if, as you say, other cnn hosts and anchors are becoming more opinionated and leaner mog left, is that your opinion? >> i think piers is a little more left than right. i think the gun control issue is supported by democrats and not necessarily by republicans. so i think that by, you know, taking that stance, he wasn't necessarily -- the stance wasn't necessarily alienating the viewers. it's how he was going about it,
2:29 pm
calling the guests stupid. i think the town hall he did was really interesting. but i think that ultimately, the show was too much about him. larry king was like a piece of furniture. but piers made the show about him. and i think that when you do that, people really have to like you or they're going to really dislike you. >> i've heard kinder descriptions of larry. he was a good interviewer. >> he was a good interviewer. that's the point. >> i know. what about this notion, i mean, certainly, don lemon of cnn increasingly giving voice about what seemed to be liberal opinions. the whole idea of cnn becoming more opinionates. >> cable news is becoming more opinionated. cnn was on the low end of a survey done last year, 4r5%, but they seem to be going 340r and more in that direction. more people are getting the news from their phone. people want perspective. i think jeff zucker sees that and they want to give perspective on what's going on. >> briefly, joe, what was the
2:30 pm
show? piers morgan started out as a celebrity interviewer, they know but it never seemed to have quite an identity, did it? >> no. and that's a big key, howie. you have to have a specific brand as to what your show is. larry king had that. tv news did a poll, who would you like to say replace piers morgan? 86% of respondents said bring larry king back. will that happen? absolutely not, but boy, that was an astounding number. >> i think larry is still available. i'll cover that story. let me get a break. next, the strange debut of msnbc's young celebrity host, ronan ferrell. and they know later, a site knows whether you're a republican or a democrat. really? i ys say be thman with the plan starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all.
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russia is tightening its friendship on ukraine and hundreds of armed men are surrounding a military base in crimea wearing unmarked uniforms but are russian. they are seizing government buildings, airplanes and other locations. ukraine is ordering its forces to be on full alert and calling up the reserves amid fears of large-scale russian invasion. the united states now is threatening to punish russia over its military moves. president obama in a telephone conversation yesterday with russian president putin, warned there will be political and economic consequences. secretary of state, john kerry, threatening "to go to the hilt to isolate russia." putin is showing no signs of back down. now back to "media buzz." incredibly -- action.
2:35 pm
> ranon farrow debuted this week on msnbc. >> welcome to ronan farrow daily. i'm ronan farrow daily. i'm new to this. which camera do i look at? who knows. but we'll figure it out together. >> what did you make of his debut? >> wow, he was nervous. and he seems even younger on tv than in person. i think his lack of tv experience is very apparent and i think that he would have been served better to have a little more time to get used to the cameras, get used to the teleprompters, get used to just the environment of television. and i think it will -- he'll settle down -- i think he settled down a little bit by friday. >> but he's 25 and has blue eyes. what more kooupt? >> exactly. >> and by the way, joe, he had no previous journalistic experience.
2:36 pm
after three days on the air, he won a coveted cronkite award. >> it must be the nobel people giving out that award. i feel sorry for ronan farrow. "new york times," entertainment weekly, but from msnbc president phil griffin who said i met this kid for 20 minutes and i knew he had it and he should have his own perform. he had the lowest rated show on all of msnbc on monday and thol those ratings dropped throughout the week. what i would have done is put him on a show like the cycle, an opinion show, not as much heavy lifting for a co-host and give him his training wheels until you give him his own show for one hour which he's not done any broadcasting, local, community access or especially national. >> it's tough to be thrown into that chair. finally, msnbc let alec baldwin go a while back. he has cover story in "new york
2:37 pm
magazine." he says phil griffin the president doesn't care about content. he used a more pungent phrase. he went after rachel maddow saying she's a phony off camera. what do you make of this rant? >> it's quintessential alec baldwin. when i interviewed him last year, he insisted we conduct the interview walking around times square. there's a part of alec that likes the tussle and likes the interaction. he just doesn't like it when it gets to a certain point. i think he has a hand in this paparazzi court that they've courted. they're going to stick the camera in his favorite, they're going to get that video and it's going to be bought by tmz. i think he said these kinds of things before. when i did that interview with him, he said it was going to be his last interview. so i do not believe he's going to sequester himself in l.a. >> we'll see if he actually leaves new york, drops out of public life or if this is a
2:38 pm
phase. all right. maria, joe, thanks so much for stopping by this sunday. >> thank you, howie. in our press picks, the new york post has been waging what can only be called a inventory data against kerry kennedy. she side swiped a trailer and continued to drive after supposedly taking am by-en. look at the hld in the new york post, zombie kennedy. here is another one. pity me, i'm an or fan. she was attacked for testifying her taer, bobby kennedy, was assassinated when she was 8. some are nauseated by the glittering array of kennedys at the trial and calling kerry kennedy a slacker and a professional human rights activist with conclusions of gran did he ur. kerr re-kennedy made a huge
2:39 pm
mistake, but she was found not guilty on friday despite this media trashing. reaction to the chaos in ukraine when we return. [ female announcer ] we'll cook all day today, but we're not staying in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat and pour in campbell's slow oker sauce. by the time you get home, dinner is practically done. and absolutely delicious. everne is cooking wiew campbell's slow cooker sauces. ♪ and absolutely delicious. ♪ ♪
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2:43 pm
kucinich. so based on your experience, do you think that him reporters will run to republicans who will then trash the obama administration? we have john mccain and lindsay graham, lindsay graham saying this morning we have a weak president inviting aggression. >> lindsay graham can always be counted on for a quote against the president, usually. but there are some flashes of bipartisanship when it comes to foreign policy on. you had adam kinsinger. he is a house republican from illinois. he said that house republicans are going to line up behind the president on thisissue. and what he intends to do. so, again, foreign policy was one of these issues that there are the fault lines are a little bit more -- are a little bit different. >> there's a little bit more room for cooperation than there is, let's say, on health care. right. >> so on the domestic front, you the president obama and john
2:44 pm
boehner having an hour-long meeting. first time in a year that they have gotten together. in the end, got a big build up. was this news worthy? >> waits nuit was news worthy b you have the speaker of the house and the president meeting and that is news worthy. the things that they discussed are news worthy. however, the bottom line, they didn't discuss much substantively. i think that was a reflection. when you spoke to members of congress, they knew this wasn't going to be the most substantive meeting. they weren't going to hash out all the crises that the congress has had with the presidency in a half hour. i think there was build up. but in reporting, about the actual meeting -- >> despite all reported in the press about how both sides would find common ground on am gragz reform, congress has entered a pathetic face of inaction
2:45 pm
according to a headline. inaction, is not that exciting. >> inacademy isn't that exciting. but it does open up other pathways. i think when gridlock happens in congress, there is an incentive to start covering some other things, to start looking at why there's gridlock and explaining why this has happened. for example, the midterm elections. that's why immigration isn't going to go through this year. a lot of lawmakers don't want their -- leaders don't want their lawmakers voting on this. being able to explain that. being able to explain the relationships between lawmakers. some of these leadership battles that are being set up. so i think that's how you cope with that and that's how you expand past, okay, immigration reform has failed. well, why? >> well, when the house ways and means chairman dave camp introducing a sweeping tax reform bill that he's worked on for a year and his own speaker says, blah, blah, blah, clearly he's not going to come to the floor. but again, washington paralyzed? >> absolutely, the fact that dave camp introduced this, introduced this bill and --
2:46 pm
>> what's the second day story? what's the third day story? >> tax reform is different than immigration. immigration is something conceptually that you're either for or against it. tax reform, it's harder to discuss for five, six, seven days. in the more mainstream publications. and i think as far as what dave camp introduced, you're going to see pieces of it continuing to be discussed. >> okay. >> but, yeah, it's not as exciting as immigration reform. in a lot of ways. >> is it the role of reporters, not xhen tate eors to assign bl? blame president obama for the fact that nothing is getting done and -- >> you're saying should reporters be assigning blame? >> yeah. >> but there's blame to go around. i think the voters are the ultimate arbitrators of that debate. >> right. and it is our job to give them the information so they can make those judgments. >> absolutely.
2:47 pm
>> i think the midterms are increasingly going to become the story. >> very true. >> jackie kucinich, thank you very much for stopping by. coming, whether you listen to hip hop or country music, to hip hop or country music, pandora thinks
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time now for our digital download. if you listen to music on pandora and are a fan of this sort of thing -- ♪ >> say the modern jazz quartet, then pandora says you must be a democrat. >> but if country is more your thing -- ♪ i am a red white and blue >> by toby keith, the website is
2:51 pm
convinces you are a republican and this will show up ads you see. >> this is just creepy. i want a break from politics, don't want to be bombarded by a bunch of political ads. >> you'll be bombarded by the ads anyway. >> there's no escape? >> there's no escape. the information that advertisers have about us is daunting. there's a lot of this happening, especially with spot i fill and pandora. they're all fighting for the same piece of the pie. basically with pandora you tell what songs you like and it picks a playlist. >> you create a channel and it suggests other kinds of music. that's one of the things i leek about it, but this business is it tracks what zip codes you're in, and then it's like, well you like the modern jazz quartet or herbie hancock, you must be a democrat? i don't think that's accurate. >> they're matching election results with your musical preferences, so you would think, already, bruce springsteen, who would you thing would like bruce
2:52 pm
springsteen? >> i cheated and i looked -- >> the "wall street journal" had a great piece. they had a quit. you know it's both democrats and republicans. j jay-z. i thought because both like hip-hop. >> i'm immune, because i'm a classic rocker, and apparently you can't classify that. but i know pandora, you know, like other web sites like facebook, needs to generate revenue. this is a way to generate revenue, but it feels really bru intrusive. >> it does. for example, advertisers know who you vote, credit card -- there's a great piece on fox tech that talks about how you can get advertisers not to know so much about you if you go to about the, you can change your birthday on facebook, you can do a bunch of other things. i like to know what you do on
2:53 pm
twitter. im. >> i'm still feeling like this strikes a sour note, but you're saying we've all surrendered. we don't delete the cookies, we give advertisers all this information. >> and there are ways around it. as i said, this fox tech piece is great, there are ways around it. but the problem with pandora is there are so many ads now, and to have them tailored to what they think you are, you're right, it is creepy, introducesive, and i kind of think it's wrong. >> i'm going to get out my record player. >> with your 78s? >> and i'm going to play albums. still to come an unusual legal settlement about bad reporting, and the tv correspondent who was being -- for a bit too athletic. buzzworthy is up next. inuses arp
2:54 pm
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and i've got this runny nose. i better take something. truth is, sudafed pe pressure and pain won't treat all of your symptoms. really? alka seltzer plus severe sinus fights your tough sinus symptoms plus your runny nose. oh what a relief it is
2:57 pm
here are a few of your top tweets on cnn cancel the pierce morrison's show -- he was too objection knocksity. ben ratner, because jay leno will do a better job at 9:00 p.m. and on the new clinton documents that shows hillary's aversion to the media -- national media loves her and will do everything in its power to spin and protect her. she's in good hands, but then it's said -- why should national media indulge in mindless discussion about a nonissue from 20 years ago. >> he thinks the liberal media, that she has them in her pocket? is that what you you this? >> no, she's getting a lot of good press, because she's not actually a candidate. well, she's sort of kind of running. this media fail. after the sad death of fill, the
2:58 pm
enwas quoted as saying they had been lovers, and he had -- only problem is katz has never spoken to the enquirer, ever. >> i was stunned. i don't feel like i'm naive, but i always knew they made stuff up, but i never knew they made up even have an interview with someone they never had and the degree with how everyone picks it up. >> katz sued, and the tabloid qualified, as part of a subtlement, katz has formed a playwriting foundation. finally the nub affiliate in provident fire reporter julie trimle after the skin of showing a little personality. that is what she did during a live report about the network show "america's got talent". >> i go to thinks i had a chance to immediate a huge l.a. producer today and i had them.
2:59 pm
i do do gymnastic, so i thought the producers, how about a news report. while she's watching on her hands. >> seriously? fired for being flashy? she said she's shocked and is fighting the dismissal. >> she also had to do something, which i think there was a bear loose in the woods and she had to so what you're supposed to do when a bear is coming to attack you. she raised her hands. i've actually had those situations. don't you think, howie, this is what makes television? you have meat and potatoes, you have some dessert, right? and what's wrong with this? >> ever do a handstand? >> never a handstand on air. tell me what you think. >> i thought it was great. it added personality to it. i cannot believe she lost her job. somebody is going to give this woman a job. that's it for this edition of "media buzz."
3:00 pm
go to our facebook page. give us a like, check out our new homepage as editor, megan. watch out, hollywood. ♪ can't hold back anymore snoefts. i'm chris wallace. the crisis in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll tal

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